F.T.C – Experimental painting.

Hey All

Been a little busy these last few weeks – so yesterday decided to paint- purely experimental – alittle inspired by abstract and a little Monet and maybe Cubism its a real mix.  I have no clue  what i’m doing so i just let the music guide me. So i started listening to M.C Jin
“healing ” from his new Hypocrite Album then  went to Ohmega Watts “Pieces of a dream ” album on spotify… (genius music application) through to K.One’s (nz hip hop) “So long feat. Scribe”  and “Dreaming” by Scribe just to name a few.
ill show you the process (sorry photos pretty crap cell photos . )

Anyhow it’s been two years since i’ve painted on any surface….  pretty slack  but actually its rather therapeutic..  strangely.

nearly finished  it’s a day late but i have to finish putting the details in.   :)  Have a great week.

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finished product.















Final - After.

FTC 2014 – L.A.S.A.A/ Into the wild – Ice Cream Diamonds Collaboration with Gerry

Hi all

Here is my weeks design – this week collaboration with the lovely Musician Gerry Scope

Playing with a screenprint sort of finish.
There is no exact meaning – just pure exploration and experimentation.

Image i sent to Gerry. Before.
Image i sent to Gerry. Before.
Final - After.
Final – After.

Stay tuned for next weeks -


Have a good week





The Bund

My Trip -China

A few images from my trip.

Wouldn’t know how to begin to explain – how blown my mind is. – Its like boxing day sales everyday thats how many people are in china – not what i expected in terms of land – its a hard land to live in- But i enjoyed being there  and meeting all the people i met. Will go into more details later. Here is a few images from my trip. Enjoy

The Bund
The Bund
Tradition. Yancheng,jiangsu
Tradition. Yancheng,jiangsu
Shanghai bubbles
Shanghai bubbles
Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival

FTC2014 – week 1# Zero Gravity – Life ain’t Square

After my trip from China and what’s on the news recently – I’ve come to realize that there are other people around the world worse off than me –  being  in NZ too long  I forget we are part of the world also. (living at the bottom of world)

My Trip was not only a wake up call but a really blessed  experience – I miss china already – but wish i could of done more for the people i stayed with…

So about this work   – Being on a plane  made me feel that there is a bigger world to be explored – but also felt closer to God ( if you want to see it that way)  But at the same time  trapped in this metal flying contraption – Its you and Zero Gravity.
A tribute to MH370 – Hope they find their way home.

photo manipulation
photo manipulation



Welcome to my new Project aside from posting about designers and musicians i will be featuring some of the new work which i will create weekly. – As you probably guess i am currently unemployed still and need something to do – So to create something both entertaining for you  but also keeps my mind and myself from going insane while i look for work  - that for some reason isnt working (still unemployed hehe)

So without further ado.  Welcome to My years Project.

The Real S.made – life aint square after all.

feel free to contact and comment below.

Also Some of the work will be available for purchase. (coming soon)

fiftytwocreatives project

Hi Everyone - 

This year i am participating in this project called Fiftytwocreative, started by Jeremy Lim in Canada.  His website if you interested in joining him open to all creatives –   the goal is to learn something new or explore and collaborate with different people during the year – build a sort of portfolio you’re proud to show at the end of year. 

So get making –  all details in link below. 

His link : http://jeremylim.ca/fiftytwocreatives/what-is-fiftytwocreatives/ 


Ben Johnston design Update

Hey Everyone,

Its been super duper busy with me at this moment – christmas and all and Preparing to launch my career  as the CEO of Awesome Awesome co. Super exciting!! Any how Just an update on Ben Johnston the Graphic designer Extraordinaire  :) So here it goes – this ones a goodie – Thank you for emailing me with update Ben, was super excited when i saw it.


The client’s brief…

We were asked to create a brand for a range of fine wines sourced from select New Zealand vineyards. The scope of the project included brand name generation and copyrighting as well as label and stationery design.

Our direction for the design…

After we adopted Divo as a name for the brand, we designed a marque in a clean typographic style. Each wine label was crafted to appeal to the consumer on shelf and inform them of the wines region and flavour profile. Lastly a range of stationery was designed to unify the brand.

London-Studio-Divo-Wine-Labels London-Studio-Divo-Wine-Range-Grey London-Studio-Divo-Wine-Stationery

MC Jin’s New Ep Coming soon!!

© AD 2013. The Great Company. Teaser Trailer for MC Jin’s Hypocrite [EP].


Hypocrite EP Release Date: December 2013
Pre-order MC Jin Merch: November 15-18

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