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Hi all.

Its been a month of un- inspiration (if that’s even a word) even thought about giving up design myself a few times and quit writing  this blog. but i guess everyone has this in the design world when everything just get too tough. – Reasons for renaming my blog again and go more professional taking this more seriously now – the bigger picture will reveal itself in time.

So these few months i will be featuring “Inspirational Entrepreneurs” who inspire me personally and will hopefully inspire all of you who read this.

So enough about this I’m supposed to be talking about Noel he-he ,So without further ado This is Noel Shiveley work:


He is a Graphic designer,Typographer extraordinaire. His typography is magnificent and positive and has a harmony and flow about it that it dances off the page in weird sort of way – with his collaboration with photographers and a retro vintage feel speaks in a verbal manor rather than a visual way – which in a way is Alluring and exciting.

His work is so great that it has even caught the eyes of such companies like Yahoo! ,The hundreds,Crooks and Castles and the likes of Lana Del Ray which is pretty brilliant.

Here is some of his work:

To view more of his work  see it here 

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Gearbottle- Interview


Hey Everyone- so last week i concocted an interview with Gearbottle a company that maps streetwear labels all over the world. Its pretty cool. I think as its a genius idea. Without further ado here is the interview i do with them.


Map of streetwear stores in Auckland - as an example.
Map of streetwear stores in Auckland – as an example.


S.Made : What is Gearbottle?

Nick: Gearbottle is a unique search engine and media outlet built to tailor to the menswear & streetwear clothing industry.

S.Made : What made you start Gearbottle? (How did you start up your business? )

Matt: How Gearbottle started was very out of the blue more or less. We were in NYC searching for this sneaker shop called flight club. I googled the name on the phone and it gave me an address. We walked all the way to the address that was given to me on google and it wasn’t there, I think the storefront was empty or vacant. I wasn’t too happy about it so on the ride home myself and P (Nick) were shooting ideas back and forth and that was the very very early start of Gearbottle

S.Made : )How did Gearbottle get its name? (what does it mean)

Matt: Gearbottle got it’s name from a night out drinking and brainstorming, and our main goal was to get a good name. We had a cocktail napkin to right down names on and all of the other essential materials. I glanced over at the bar for a minute, I always liked how the back lighting at bars makes the bottles glow and look vibrant, and I just thought of the name “gearbottle”. The idea of Gearbottle is that we bottle up all the shops, gear, boutiques, news and much more into one convenient place for streetwear and clothing enthusiasts to find without a huge hassle or getting mislead somewhere.

S.Made : What inspired you to get into the Streetwear business?

Nick: I purchased this shirt from LRG about ten years ago that had this message “Creativity Is King” on the front of the shirt. Ever since then I’ve been hooked!

Matt: Me, personally , I have just always been a fan of it. From the design and aesthetic of it, to the comfortable fits, and lifestyle behind it. I’ve always liked the laid back, do what you like to do and bump what others may think type of vibe and feel of the culture.

S.Made : How do you make your brand memorable?

Nick: I think keeping things as simple as possible, sticking to whatever your brand represents is also important. Our slogan is FIND STREETWEAR EASIER, and that’s exactly what we do. Users can search for boutiques, and find out what’s going on in the industry all under one umbrella.

S.Made : What are the requirements that streetwear brands have to meet before signing with your website?

Nick: We really like to see a nice selection of products, and original designs. New emails from brands come in daily and are then emailed directly to Danny (Director of Content Strategy). From there Danny will decide and get the content posted on the site.

S.Made : What would you say to someone who just starting their own business?

Matt: My advice would learn to be interested in people. At the end of the day, that is who you are dealing with all of the time. Whether it be through email, text, phone call, a customer, or a colleague, business partner, you are going to have to communicate with people to sell, set up collabs, trade ideas, and a million other things, and the more people you link and work with well, the better. You’ll for better bonds and have better chemistry with some people than others but I feel if you’re just a sociable, cool cat, and are willing to meet new people and put yourself out there, you should be alright.

Nick: Your network is your net-worth.

S.Made : How do we follow you?

Nick: Our handle is the same across every social network. @Gearbottle

//////////////////#Fun Questions# Bonus questions#/////////////////////////////////

S.Made : Whats your top ten songs your listening to at this moment?

Nick: Oddisee-Interlude Flow, Roc Marciano-German Vs, Max B-Where Do I Go, Apollo Brown-Heaven Sent, Menahan Street Band-Driftwood, Andre 3000 & Future-Whatchutola, 50 Cent-Don’t Worry Bout It, Boldy James– What’s The Word, Sade-Cherish The Day, Dom Kennedy-Grindin…These are all in heavy rotation.

Matt: Oh boy, There may be too many to break down at the moment…but as far as artists I’ve been listening to, a lot of old school stuff right now; Aretha Franklin, Sinatra, The Ronettes to name just a couple, then a lot of Freddie Gibbs, I’ve been listening to his song “Deep” on repeat so at the moment that’s probably my favorite haha. But overall, I listen to pretty much everything

S.Made : What generally inspires you both?

Matt: I really love traveling, that is definitely one of the top things that inspires me. Seeing new places and cultures and meeting new people. We’re from the east coast but just flying across country to Cali is even a different type of culture and way of living. That combined with researching art and design, quotes, reading books, and a good movie every now and again. All of that stuff inspires me to do better and be better.

Nick: My inner circle of friends, looking back to the very beginning and seeing progress, never being content with a life I don’t want, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, Charles Bradley, and traveling the globe.

S.Made : Favourite Streetwear brand of all time and why?

Nick:  I have love for them all!

Matt: Another tough one…I really really have to give it up for the brands with the longevity. Staying relevant and at the top of your game for that long is amazing to me, especially in a market such as streetwear. To me the top 3 are Supreme, Stussy, and Bape. All these brands have been around for about 20 years, that’s just crazy to me. At the same time, I’m a fan of Quiet Life, Staple, Brixton, Neighborhood, Comme de Garcons, and 10 deep for a few. I see a lot of new brand who also have some great products. There is a lot of good competition out there, and I’m sure I’ll have some more favorites in the future.

Website: http://gearbottle.com/

Hope everyone enjoyed this interview – hope to have more in the future. and any updates from companies i have done interviews with in the past.

Please feel free to comment below if you liked this interview.

Have a great day!!

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The Hundreds – Brand

Hey everyone – This and next month i am implementing a theme  : Clothing Branding and Artwork. I don’t remember the first time  i got introduced  to this brand called The Hundreds, I think it was about 2007/2008  I was high school at the time and had to decide what i was going to do with the rest of my life – of course I was introduced to the world of graffiti and hip hop around about 2007 when i decided i didn’t want to be an animator but a designer  when i designed my first logo in I.T class.  As New Zealand doesn’t have The Hundreds  at all (or do but i haven’t found their store yet) and it was my curiosity of design at the time that led me to finding them – From that moment i decided i wanted to use this inspiration to make cool work inspired by hip hop and skateboard graphics (used to eat up skateboard magazines if i could get my hands on them cause the ads were great – (And Tony Hawk was the Bomb back in the day!) But the the magazine graphics from the brands i learned about eg. A life, Supreme and The Hundreds seem to at the time be hit with public ( probably because America is bigger than NZ) But i learned that having your own style will get you noticed provided that you have a strong brand – branding. Which is something that is hard to define i reckon. Their image reflected ( still does) urban behavior from the like’s of artists and musicians and skateboard legacies  from past and present- it captures their essence and puts it on a t shirt or skateboard design  or has inspired Musicians say the like’s of Odd Future; they love The Hundreds brand- it in a way inspires them and vice versa. When a graphic is designed for a shirt it captures a moment in time in peoples minds they say OHHH i remember when so and so wore this shirt…  and so on and so  forth. ..  some on even go on to the remember the date in which the person or themselves wore that shirt and what lead them to continue buying that same brand years and years later – A graphic isn’t a graphic it’s a  memory – when put on a piece of clothing  etc. They want you to remember wearing it. At the same time  graphics play a big part in the logo art also  – Take  a good example of the The Hundreds  – Cannon ball design – the_hundreds_Wallpaper_desktop_background_logo_quality5                 Pretty catchy for a logo – instantly memorable. or take the Supreme’s logo – inspired by Barbara Kruger

Instantly memorable –  not as catchy as The Hundreds / But it has a long history of being fun and creative as a brand. Any how back to the Hundreds  –  Their brand has continued to grow rapidly over time  last year they made over 4 Mil in revenue and now have over 300 stores all over the world (sadly not in NZ 😦  sucks big time) Some of their products  from 2014 Collection.

James_jean limired edition.
James_jean limired edition.

james_jean_boards_tiger_vertical leagues6 the-hundreds-purist-tee-1

F.T.C – Experimental painting.

Hey All

Been a little busy these last few weeks – so yesterday decided to paint- purely experimental – alittle inspired by abstract and a little Monet and maybe Cubism its a real mix.  I have no clue  what i’m doing so i just let the music guide me. So i started listening to M.C Jin
“healing ” from his new Hypocrite Album then  went to Ohmega Watts “Pieces of a dream ” album on spotify… (genius music application) through to K.One’s (nz hip hop) “So long feat. Scribe”  and “Dreaming” by Scribe just to name a few.
ill show you the process (sorry photos pretty crap cell photos . )

Anyhow it’s been two years since i’ve painted on any surface….  pretty slack  but actually its rather therapeutic..  strangely.

nearly finished  it’s a day late but i have to finish putting the details in.   🙂  Have a great week.

10150538_10152295533661131_3696407353321053181_n 1601338_10152295761351131_3274594191136848513_n 1970818_10152295586161131_7490555215190756939_n1901311_10152296102481131_2786646922616217359_n


finished product.


















































































































FTC 2014 – L.A.S.A.A/ Into the wild – Ice Cream Diamonds Collaboration with Gerry

Hi all

Here is my weeks design – this week collaboration with the lovely Musician Gerry Scope

Playing with a screenprint sort of finish.
There is no exact meaning – just pure exploration and experimentation.

Image i sent to Gerry. Before.
Image i sent to Gerry. Before.
Final - After.
Final – After.

Stay tuned for next weeks –


Have a good week





My Trip -China

A few images from my trip.

Wouldn’t know how to begin to explain – how blown my mind is. – Its like boxing day sales everyday thats how many people are in china – not what i expected in terms of land – its a hard land to live in- But i enjoyed being there  and meeting all the people i met. Will go into more details later. Here is a few images from my trip. Enjoy

The Bund
The Bund
Tradition. Yancheng,jiangsu
Tradition. Yancheng,jiangsu
Shanghai bubbles
Shanghai bubbles
Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival

FTC2014 – week 1# Zero Gravity – Life ain’t Square

After my trip from China and what’s on the news recently – I’ve come to realize that there are other people around the world worse off than me –  being  in NZ too long  I forget we are part of the world also. (living at the bottom of world)

My Trip was not only a wake up call but a really blessed  experience – I miss china already – but wish i could of done more for the people i stayed with…

So about this work   – Being on a plane  made me feel that there is a bigger world to be explored – but also felt closer to God ( if you want to see it that way)  But at the same time  trapped in this metal flying contraption – Its you and Zero Gravity.
A tribute to MH370 – Hope they find their way home.

photo manipulation
photo manipulation



Welcome to my new Project aside from posting about designers and musicians i will be featuring some of the new work which i will create weekly. – As you probably guess i am currently unemployed still and need something to do – So to create something both entertaining for you  but also keeps my mind and myself from going insane while i look for work  – that for some reason isnt working (still unemployed hehe)

So without further ado.  Welcome to My years Project.

The Real S.made – life aint square after all.

feel free to contact and comment below.

Also Some of the work will be available for purchase. (coming soon)